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401 Broad Street
Nevada City, CA 95959

Call (530) 477-9000 for info about the movies


All Seats: $8

Discount Cards:
6 Admissions for only $42.00

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Within the auditorium of California’s longest running theatre (built in 1865), we are proud to host a variety of foreign and independent films, documentaries and the unusual. Films run every Sunday evening and many weekends.

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The Box Office opens at 6:30 pm. On line ticketing is currently unavailable.

Scroll down for A Special Message From Film Programmer Mike Getz

8. Sun Oct 2 – RENOIR: REVILED AND REVERED – 1 hr 27 min – Not Rated.  Pierre-Auguste Renoir is known and loved for his impressionist paintings of Paris. These paintings count among the world's favorites. Renoir, however, grew tired of this style and changed course. This stunning film - based on the remarkable collection of 181 Renoirs at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia - examines the direction he then took and why it provokes such extreme reactions right up to today. Some claim they are repulsed by Renoir's later works and some claim they are seduced. What may surprise you is that among the many artists who sought out Renoir's new works and were clearly highly influenced by them were the two giants of the 20th century - Picasso and Matisse. The film, a fresh new biography of Renoir, uncovers a rarely told story that places Renoir as a critical link between the old and the new. Watch Trailer


1. Sun Oct 9 – THE BEATLES: EIGHT DAYS A WEEK – THE TOURING YEARS - The Band You Know. The Story You Don’t. – 2 hrs 7 min (1 hr 47 min feature + 30 min The Beatles Live at Shea Stadium 1965). The film is based on the first part of The Beatles’ career (1962-1966) – the period in which they toured and captured the world’s acclaim. Ron Howard’s film explores how John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr came together to become this extraordinary phenomenon, “The Beatles.” It delves into their inner workings –how they made decisions, created their music and built their collective career together –all the while, highlighting The Beatles’ unique musical gifts and their remarkable, complementary personalities. The film focuses on the time period from the early days of The Cavern Club in Liverpool to their last concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco in 1966. Watch Trailer

2. Sun Oct 16 – SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU – 1 hr 24 min – PG-13.  Inspired by Barack and Michelle Obama's first date, SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU recounts the eventful summer day in 1989 when a young law firm associate named Barack Obama (Parker Sawyers) tried to woo lawyer Michelle Robinson (Tika Sumpter) during a daylong date that took them from the Art Institute of Chicago to a screening of Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing to the site of their first kiss outside of an ice cream parlor.  “With strong performances and engaging dialogue, it adds up to a romance that makes for a pretty good date movie in its own right.” -Rotten Tomatoes Critics Consensus.  “A tender, unrushed love story.” – Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly. Watch Trailer

3.  Sun Oct 23 - THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW – 1 hr 40 min – R.  Last year’s showing was a high quality, fun event that sold out, so we’re doing it again as a special benefit for the Nevada Theatre.  Tonight we celebrate the fact that this is the film that launched the Nevada Theatre Film Series in January 1979.   Sweethearts Brad (Barry Bostwick) and Janet (Susan Sarandon), stuck with a flat tire during a storm, seek help at the eerie mansion of Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry), a flamboyant transvestite scientist.  Seductive temptations surround them and Brad and Janet lose their innocence in this houseful of wild characters. Accompanied by elaborate dances and catchy rock songs, Frank-N-Furter reveals his latest creation - Rocky!  Tonight’s show features live performance by local Rocky Horror dancers and is a benefit for The Nevada Theatre.  Tickets are $20. Advance tickets are available at BriarPatch or online at www.sierratheaters.com/nevada.  This is a movie that has to be seen in a movie theater.  LET’S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!! Watch Trailer

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4.  Sun Oct 30 – LO AND BEHOLD, REVERIES OF THE CONNECTED WORLD -1 hr 38 min – PG-13.  Society depends on the Internet for nearly everything but rarely do we step back and recognize its endless intricacies and unsettling omnipotence.  Award-winning documentary filmmaker Werner Herzog explores - in a playful yet chilling examination - our rapidly interconnecting online lives. “The shape of things to come is a subject very dear to the hearts of the high-tech evangelists Herzog talks to, and it accounts for the pulse of freakish comedy that beats through Lo and Behold." –Anthony Lane, The New Yorker.  “Are we doomed? Or will we conquer all? Whatever the outcome, Herzog argues that mass connectivity marks a beginning of a shift in our morals, and indeed, in what it means to be human.” – G. Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle. Watch Trailer

5.  Sun Nov 6 – LITTLE MEN – 1 hr 25 min – PG.  When 13-year-old Jake's parents move back into their old Brooklyn home, Jake soon befriends the charismatic Tony, whose single mother Leonor, a dressmaker from Chile, runs the shop downstairs. Soon, Jake's parents ask Leonor to sign a new, steeper lease on her store, igniting a feud between the adults. At first, Jake and Tony don't seem to notice; the two boys, so different on the surface, begin to develop a formative kinship as they discover the pleasures of being young in Brooklyn. Jake aspires to be an artist, while Tony wants to be an actor, and they have dreams of going to the same prestigious arts high school together. But the children can't avoid the problems of their parents forever, and soon enough, the adult conflict intrudes upon the borders of their friendship. “B+. Ira Sachs’ latest weaves a simple story that feels rich and honest.  It places value in life’s mundane miracles, like forgiveness and the love of a true friend.” –Kevin P. Sullivan, Entertainment Weekly. Watch Trailer

6.  Sun Nov 13 – SEED: The Untold Story – 1 hr 34 min – Not Rated.  From Taggart Siegel and Jon Betz, the filmmakers of the critically acclaimed hits “The Real Dirt on Farmer John” and “Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us?” comes the final film in an environmental trilogy -- Seed: The Untold Story, which recently won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the Nashville Film Festival and Best in Festival at the Princeton Environmental Film Festival.  SEED tells the harrowing and heartening story of the David and Goliath battle for the future of our seeds. Few things on Earth are as miraculous and vital as seeds.  Yet in the last century, 94% of our seed varieties have disappeared. SEED: The Untold Story follows passionate seed keepers protecting our 12,000 year-old food legacy. As biotech chemical companies control the majority of our seeds, these reluctant heroes rekindle a lost connection to our most treasured resource and revive a culture connected to seeds.  Tonight’s showing is a benefit for SYRCL’s Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Jan. 12-16, 2017.  Admission is $9 in advance and $12 at the door.  Advance tickets at BriarPatch and online at wildandscenicfilmfestival.org. Watch Trailer

7.  Sun Nov 20 – IXCANCUL – 1 hr 31 min – In Kaqchikel and Spanish with English subtitles - Not Rated.  This brilliant debut by Guatemalan filmmaker Jayro Bustamante is a mesmerizing fusion of fact and fable, a dreamlike depiction of the daily lives of Kaqchikel speaking Mayans on a coffee plantation at the base of an active volcano. Immersing us in its characters' customs and beliefs, Ixcanul chronicles with unblinking realism, a disappearing tradition and a disappearing people. “It provides a window into a culture that we rarely see. But it's not just an anthropological study - it has a powerful story to tell, too. It takes place near a volcano in Guatemala and plays like a well-done National Geographic special – until it unexpectedly turns lava-hot.” –David Lewis, San Francisco Chronicle.  Over the recent Labor Day Weekend, the following headline caught my eye.  “This Mayan-Language Film Is The Best Thing In Theaters Right Now.  Ixcancul is an arresting story about two strong indigenous women, mother and daughter.  Go see it.” –Nico Pitney, Huffington Post. Watch Trailer

8. Sun Nov 27 – THE HOLLARS – 1 hr 28 min – PG-13. John Hollar, a struggling NYC artist returns to the small middle-American town he left behind when news of his mother's illness brings him home. Back in the house he grew up in, John is immediately swept up in the problems of his dysfunctional family, high school rival, and an over-eager ex-girlfriend as he faces impending fatherhood with his girlfriend in New York. From a script by Jim Strouse that is at turns hilarious and heartbreaking, John Krasinski's second feature is a poignant look at the bonds of family and friendship.  “Strouse's deft script and Krasinki's game direction upend a host of familiar moments in ways that are fresh and unexpected.”  –Gary Goldstein, L.A. Times.  “Krasinski directs with humor and compassion. And Margo Martindale proves again that she is one of the best actors on the planet.” –Peter Travers, Rolling Stone. Watch Trailer

A Special Message From Film Programmer Mike Getz

Now that I’ve finished setting up this next Nevada Theatre Film Series, I’ll take a step back to see if there’s anything special to note about the eight films selected.  These particular choices come from considering over 70 new films and narrowing them down to eight.  In the words of Monty Python, if you’re looking for “something completely different,” you might try a couple of these.   What do they have in common?  Good reviews, unusual subject matter, and a want-to-be-seen-in-a-movie-theater aura.  Remember, you should be able to view the trailers for all of these movies by simply clicking on the Watch Trailer button at the end of each film description.

So we start out with 3 documentaries.  The first one, The Witness deals with an event that happened over 52 years ago.  From today’s perspective, what was real and what wasn’t.  We’ll find out.

The second doc is Tickled.  Apparently there are people out there who will pay to be tied down and tickled.  Sounds weird.  A reporter, with perhaps more curiosity than most of us have, decides to investigate further and runs into a hell of a lot more than he bargained for.

Now the third doc, Life, Animated, will pull us completely out of the strange world of fetishes and into a family dealing with an autistic child, who at the age of three, just stops talking.  How this family overcomes this bewildering problem will not only amaze you but will lift your heart in the most wonderful way.

The next three films are dramas.  Number four – If you appreciated Mustang and Sold, you’ll probably find Parched a rewarding movie-going experience. It’s a film about four young women in rural India who somehow pick up on a vibe which is being felt all over the world; that women can break away from their restricting traditional roles and find ways to live their lives more fully. 

In Seoul Searching, the fifth film, it’s the 80s and teenagers of Korean heritage, living in other countries, come to Seoul, to spend a summer supposedly to learn about their ethnic roots.   Instead, it’s party, party.  I guess I booked this film because not only does it seem so different from what we usually show but also it does have something in common with Parched in that it’s about young people from far away dealing with growing up.

Our sixth film, Men Go To Battle, takes place in 1861, around the beginning of the Civil War.  This highly regarded debut film from writer/director Zachary Treitz depicts a year in the lives of two brothers, trying to make sense of their lives in the rugged Kentucky countryside at a time of tremendous upheaval.

Norman Lear, the subject of the seventh film, created some of our favorite TV sitcoms from the 70s and I just want to find out what he was like and I figured many of you would also be interested in him.  Lear was 93 when this doc was made.

Our eighth film is a trip to an art gallery where 181 paintings by Renoir are on display.  You’ll hear  “experts” discuss and try to explain why he went off in new directions as he got older.  But mostly you’ll see paintings that you’ve never seen before by one of the greatest artists of his time.

Mike Getz